A I Love You

Discusses the relationship between humans and artificial intelligence. As developments in this field continue and our day to day lives become more isolated, we present a world where companionship through robotics is finally achieved... But how can any relationship exist healthily if one partner has no sense of choice...? 

Co-Produced by Heart to Heart Theatre

Written by Melanie Anne Ball

Directed by Joe Ball

Performed and Co-Created by Peter Dewhurst and Eve Ponsonby



Below we have a some snippets of our research. 



We looked into the big advances that have been seen so far. Googles Deepmind is perhaps the furthest down that road. (one of us may have even seen the room where it is stored, (although due to an NDA we couldn't possibly say) The beating of the world champion of Go shows how advance their program is. Go isn't like chess, programming the optimum move isn't possible as the possibilities are huge. So how does something beat the go champion with out being programed? by learning...

DISCUSSION with Dr Joe Dewhurst on the growing role of Ai 


The discussion with the thought magician pictured above was the start of all of our research. A huge thank you to Joe for setting us on such an interesting track. 


Addiction to the Internet & Technology 

We became very interested in researching what went into being addicted to technology and the internet. We then used this research and compared it to relationships. and worked out how we could connect the two.

(makes sense that this is online, but still irony...)

Through this we started to look at how we react to the tech we have around us now and began to think what could happen if that tech becomes more advanced. Drawign the connection of how we react with our phones and what could happen in the future...

the future of sex?

Further reading

“I believe identity is created between one and another. You discover yourself in relation to someone else. With AI, we’re creating a relationship with something.”

Nathalie Nahai summarizes it best when she says, “There is a danger of people using AI to make their live easier and make themselves lazier versus someone using it to challenge themselves.”